Nouvelle version de l’émulateur Sega Model 2 d’ElSemi. Daytona USA (the Game!) était déjà supporté depuis la v0.4 (pour infos, car on était HS à l’époque…).

Les nouveautés :

This release fixes several playability bugs in Daytona USA (analog controls wraparound and windows disappearing when going to fullscreen) and adds a new playable game: Motor Raid.
It also contains a modified color lookup table processing that improves the colors in the original model 2 games (daytona, vcop and dtank).
The emulator now includes a nice icon and background image, thanks to jordigahan and Peabo for them.

Model 2 Emulator v0.5. This package includes both the normal and MultiCPU versions exes.

Télécharger Model2 Emulator v1.1a (1,2 Mo)

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