Les sources de bsnes v0.020.01 sont disponibles en téléchargement.

It looks like I missed yet one more problem with the Linux/amd64 architecture. It appears that bsnes was crashing when selecting ‘File->Load Cartridge’. I have fixed this bug, added command-line loading, and added a proper fix to the compile-time error from yesterday. You can read about the details on the bsnes WIP page, if you’re interested. I apologize once again for the inconvenience. It’s very difficult for me to test without a 64-bit OS to test on.

I did not post a new binary for Windows, as Windows users were not affected by the above bug. I should be able to release new versions much quicker now that libui is stable. I’d like to get joypad mapping and the cheat code editor working again first, and then I’ll release another official version