Nouvelle version pour cet émulateur de Nintendo NES dont voici les changements:

– CPU/PPU: small speedup from 32-bit struct alignment
– blargg’s nes_ntsc updated to 0.2.2
– input: fixed !+toggle function combination
– input: added a doubleclick function, that acts as a single pulse, and made
it a shortcut to switch to fullscreen/windowed mode
– directories are defaulted to . on the 1st run
– draw: added « Stretch to Fit » and « Correct Aspect » to the GUI
– added an about window, and a help window that opens the documentation
– newly opened windows are now centered on their parent window when needed
– added Konami HyperShot controller emulation
– draw: fixed screen not being properly refreshed sometimes when switching
from fullscreen to windowed mode
– mappers: fixed crash when trying to change dipswitches without having loaded
a game
– draw: message font black outline looks somewhat better
– draw: fixed bottom overscan part being drawn with a delay of 1 frame
– draw: added video signal settings to the GUI
– draw: added Direct3D renderer, including all features of the DirectDraw
– draw: added bilinear filtering (Direct3D only)
– mappers: fixed iNES mapper #87, it supports 32K PRG
– mappers: added support for Namcot 106 battery backed EXRAM
– added autodetection of MMC6 games by SRAM size, after initial setup
– draw: fixed DirectDraw crash when trying to recreate itself if it got lost
due to another application taking over
– draw: added « Software Rendering » and « VSync » to the GUI
– several trivial changes (mainly renaming some unclear settings/GUI text)

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