JSwingC64 est le port pour PC de JME C64, il s’agit d’un émulateur Commodore C64 codé en Java.

– settings are saved on exit and loaded on startup (feature request ID 1754317)
– display the currently accessed track and sector in the status bar
– added a turbo mode that allows the emulator to run faster than the original C64
– fixed problem with SKW operation which lead to an exception
– solved some problems when loading large files
– be more lenient towards .t64 images where a file end address is incorrect (fix for bug ID 1754427)
– fixed problem that Negative Flag was not set correctly on compare operations
– fixed problem that wrong colors were displayed if the VIC was in ECM or standard bitmap mode (bug ID 1756344)
– fixed problem that the emulator often runs jerky (bug ID 1757768)
– added support for C64 cursor keys (bug ID 1755931)

Télécharger JSwingC64 1.10.4 (284,2 Ko)

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