Voici enfin la version 1.4.4 de cet émulateur de Commodore Amiga après une multitude de béta, en voici les nouveautés:

New features:
– major directory filesystem emulation update:
* removable drive automounting on the fly (USB memory, USB HD, memory
cards, any removable drive that mounts as a drive letter in Windows)
* drag’n’drop directory/archive automount
* more missing filesystem packets supported (including ACTION_EXAMINE_ALL)
– major « Add Harddrive » uaehf.device update:
* removable drives (real harddrives, x-in-one memory card readers, zip drives,
etc..) supported on the fly
* configured drive but no media or [USB] drive not connected when emulation
was started: automounted when inserted (no RDB automount yet)
* empty drives listed in « Add Harddrive » dialog.
– X-Power Professional v1.3 and Nordic Power v1.5 support
– Pro-Wizard module ripper updated to v1.62
– hq2x filter added.
– Added two basic A4000 quickstart configurations.
– More accurate CD32/CDTV end of audio track detection.
– Current configuration name added to window title.

Bugs fixed:
– Windows 2000: « Add Harddrive » was always disabled.
– « Add Harddrive » HD controller selection was missing.
– Better compatibility with OS 3.1 and older HDToolbox versions.
– CD32 statefile support works again.
– Paths handling updates (yet again..)
– Disappearing mouse pointer in fullscreen modes when GUI was active.
– bsdsocket emulation crashing or freezing when emulation was reset.
– directory filesystem file/directory deletion failing and Windows
recycle bin support enabled returned wrong error codes.

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