Quelques news du coté d’Arbee et d’Elsemi.

ElSemi and I have been fixing up the SCSP emulation in MAME lately due to the emergence of .SSF (Saturn/ST-V) music rips. He’s still working out why samples in Radient Silvergun get overdriven all to heck, but in the meantime I’ve done the following:

* Fixed the effects DSP to work properly in MAME – the kick drum in Shienryu now has the proper reverb applied, and this fixes missing sounds/instruments in several ST-V games. It also fixed a Saturn Qsound demo disc that boots over in MESS
* Rewrote the timers to use MAME timers. This fixes missing sound in a few ST-V games and gives Die Hard Arcade correct tempo. It also eliminates the IRQ storms you may have seen running ST-V games with -oslog
* Fixed some IRQ trouble. This got sound working again in Model 2A games, like Dead or Alive

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