Nouvelle version pour cet émulateur de Game Boy N&B/Color dont voici les nouveautés:

– Fix adc/sbc and add_hl_rr hfc calc, sp_plus_n cf/hcf calc and daa thanks
to blargg.
– document HF2 better
– Update sound core according to blargg’s findings.
– Improve resampling quality and performance.
– Fix overlooked « add hl,sp » flag calculation.
– fix initial endtime value
– check for resampling ratio < 1 - Add support for DMG palette customization. gambatte_sdl:
– use std::map for parser
– Don’t bother hashing.
– Add input config support.
– Add joystick support.
– Fix horrid « turbo can affect emulation » bug.
– Add sw and yuv overlay scaling.
– Use cond/mutex for thread syncing, RAII, refactor.
– add option for sample rate choice
– Add option to list valid input keys
– don’t die if audio fails

– no point in filter being non-static anymore
– use std::map for input vectors
– remove unused unusedBool
– Fix horrid « turbo can affect emulation » bug.
– remove some useless optimizations
– auto_ptr love.
– support joystick hat.
– nicer input handling.
– Add sound dialog.
– Add custom dev choice for oss, alsa engines.
– Use rgb if available for xv.
– Get rid of BAD_MATCH warnings for setting non-existent xv attributes.
– make subblitters private nested classes
– add reset action
– Add support for DMG palette customization.
– Add global buffer option for dsound engine
– Enable Joystick POV-Hat events.

La version 0.3.1 est à présent disponible.

Télécharger Gambatte v0.5.0 r571 (2,0 Mo)

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