Pour le moment oui mais Aaron est au courant, voici ce qu’il en dit:

« Yep. I expect it will be a day or two before we’re live again. Sit tight. »

*maj* 13H00: Aaron Gilles recherche à présent un webmaster:

With the recent troubles keeping mamedev.org happy with the hosting providers, as well as my recent frustrations with not having enough time to do actual emulation work, I’ve finally decided it is time to find some help maintaining the MAME homepage.

There are tons of things I’ve wanted to do on the site that I don’t really have time for, and it is frustrating. I have permission for a bunch more Exidy ROMs to go up, but no time to create pages (and I refuse to just post them all without paying each one its due respect). The site design is a little on the bland side. I’d love to set up some PHP scripts for automatically linking to download mirrors. I think there’s a lot more interesting content that can be hosted there.

So basically, I’d like to identify at least one person (if not more) who can take over the core duties of maintaining the site and dealing with these issues. This can be a team effort, but I definitely want someone who is active and reliable, and who has a basic understanding of what is proper/improper for a site like ours.

At a minimum, anyone involved in this would need to have some experience with web hosting and managing content for a web server. An ideal person would be comfortable setting up and maintaining packages like WordPress or MediaWiki. On top of that, decent design, writing, and/or scripting skills are a plus.

If interested, contact me via PM or via http://www.aarongiles.com/email.html. Let me know what experience you’ve got and how much time you realistically might be able to contribute on a regular basis to help keep the site running.

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