Un émulateur NES codé par Jabo. Voici les améliorations depuis la v0.6:

* bugfix: command line arguments, added switches -relaunchmce -exitonclose
* bugfix: fixed multiple rom browser sorting issues
* bugfix: fixed input POV-hat diagonals
* bugfix: fixed palette dialog
* bugfix: PAL raw audio timing
* bugfix: vsync no longer lags
* upgraded to a static zlib 1.2.3
* options are now stored in Jnes.ini instead of registry
* added software filter to 4x windowed and fullscreen
* added windowed mode vsync (experimental)
* added fullscreen status messages for states, kaillera, low battery
* added setup and autoconfig buttons to input dialog
* added a limit fps option
* added mapper #225,#235
* new browser artwork display mode available in settings dialog
* rom browser now caches things quietly for quicker startup
* support for capturing movies and rendering them to an AVI
* new kaillera dialog to streamline using it
* support for external languages in utf-8 format
* redid rom info dialog into a nicer table
* new system information dialog
* added warning for netplay regarding extended vblank
* extended kaillera packets with mini state information
* kaillera chat via Ctrl+T in fullscreen
* new palette options
* added blargg’s nes_ntsc filter

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