Nouvelle version pour ce frontend destiné aux émulateurs arcade (Mame, ZiNc, Mjolnir…).

File « arcadesystem_name.el » not updated correctly when doing a single game scan
Left panel custom background color not being set (same as games list)
Scan results was not checking for merged sets and adding all those games to its list
ZiNc games showing when using « Vector » filter
History label (top game documents panel) was bugged
Bad treeview colors in « check for missing images » and « check for missing MAMu_ icons »
Executing games with « Run Custom Game Settings By Default » enabled was searching only for game custom command lines
Setting / deleting « debug.ini » for MAME was not working correctly

Scan results changed to not include games where « » is not found (for both master and clone sets

Emulators setup screen UI updated for easier access
Fixed appearance of ListView lists in several screens (for Windows Vista)
Multi-selection enabled for the left panel filters. Select a bunch of filters and all games from those filters combined will be displayed in the list
Single selection is still supported… of course
Left panel now use the main filter « Have / Miss ». Note that selecting this main filter will overwrite the select filters from the left panel!
Columns editor UI improved a little bit for easier maintenance
Minor improvements to the left panel
More optimizations for easier maintenance (no speed improvements)
Reduced to 10 tries the « Random Game » feature so the front-end does not fall into an endless loop. Useful if you are viewing a list where most games are hidden

Games list icons are not validated anymore. If there is one or more files missing, the icons in the games list will be messed up

Support for MARP data file (… game documents feature
File is updated daily. Download it from this link:
Place it in « [frontend]ini_files » folder or MAME root folder.
New main menu: « Left Panel »
This menu will have some special options. One of them, create special filters using Emu Loader’s internal database, to be used with the left panel
Menu Items so far:
« Create Control Types File » -> create a « controltype.ini » with a list of all MAME control types and its games. Some users might want to use this filter instead of the one from « Games Filters » main menu
More improvements to the left panel:
-> Left panel popup menu:
« Apply Selected Filters » -> use this menu item to enforce the left panel to apply its selected filters (useful when multiple filters are selected and you used the main filters and want to revert to the left panel)
« Collapse / Expand Tree » -> collapse or expand all items in the tree
« Reload TreeView » -> reload all .ini files into the treeview (no filters are applied!)
« Default Panel Size » -> restore the default width of the left panel
New files: -> folder:  »
esourcesmain_icons »
« leftpanel_root.ico »
-> folder:  »
esourcesgameslist_icons »
« MAMEParent.ico »
« MAMEClone.ico »
« MAMEBios.ico »
« UnMAMEParent.ico »
« UnMAMEClone.ico »
« UnMAMEBios.ico »

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