Quelques nouvelles entrées chez Guru, de nouveaux dumps en perspective donc.

Another box arrived today from Japan. Most of it is just a backlog of junk that we acquired from various places that was in storage, and most of it was big, so there’s not much in this shipment this time. However there are a couple of interesting items in this lot….
Neogeo Battle Coliseum – Atomiswave cart
Guitar Freaks 7th Mix security cart
Another Mahjong Konami Viper board (there’s a few more to come too)
Salary Man Champ (complete working Sys573 unit)
Virtua Striker 2002 (Sega/Namco Triforce with GDROM)
Winning Eleven 2003 (Konami Pyson h/w)
I got the Winning Eleven booting by using my NAOMI JVS I/O adapter and JVS power supply. The game boots off a 128M CF card but takes an incredibly long time to boot (about 5-6 minutes at least). This is due to it having to load the data off the CF card into RAM, possibly unpacking it too. The graphics are very nice though 🙂
There’s a custom Konami board inside, plus a main board from the old style PS2, including memory card slots and Sony Magic Gate security cart. Dumping it all looks quite easy. I can’t say the same thing for the Triforce. There’s a Namco custom board inside with one flashROM, a GDROM plus an original Game Cube mainboard that contains nothing dumpable that I can see? 🙁

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