Un émulateur Model 1/3/4 créé par Matthew Reed. Disponible en shareware, la version complète offre plus d’options.

– Changed default data rate of new .WAV files and fixed header lengths (Thanks to Knut Roll-Lund)
– Fixed problem booting Fantastic Software and Melbourne House games (Thanks to Gary Hammond)
– Fixed random number problem with « The Count » from Adventure International (Thanks to Joe Hagen)
– Added autostart support for more Model 1 and Model 3 self-booting disks
– Added drag-and-drop support for cassette images, disk images, and snapshots (Suggested by Ira Goldklang)
– Changed help format to HTML Help
– Changed screen handling to prevent main window from moving off screen when used with an 800 by 600 screen size (Suggested by Gary Shanafelt)
– Fixed minor problem with button handling of the emulated mouse (Thanks to Gary Shanafelt)

Télécharger TRS32 v1.28 (364,3 Ko)

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