Il s’agit d’un émulateur de HP série 9800 émulant les HP9810A, HP9820A, HP9830A. Cet émulateur est écrit en Java.

– Bugfix: Handling of clear leader in HP9865A corrected
– Bugfix: Interrupt handling completely reworked and several bugs in IO-bus usage fixed.The bugs where due to incomplete understanding of the interrupt mechanism and could cause irregular changes of the IO-register and data loss.
– Bugfix: Release of keyboard SRQ and STP now automatically timer-controlled.
– Change: Removed 150ms sleep in execution of HP9830A BEEP
– Change: Class Disassembler renamed to Console. Various optimizations in dialog elements.
– Change: JAR filename no longer hard coded. JAR file access by getClass().getResourceAsStream()
– Change: Display blanking improved by changing from fixed timer to instruction counter.
– Change: Memory allocation in disassembler improved.
– Change: Mainframe thread now runs in lower priority than device threads to minimize loss of data.
– Change: Emulator windows now have fixed sizes.
– Change: HP9866A timing changed to comply with HP9810A Typewriter ROM
– Change: Use software sound mixer instead of hardware mixer to avoid sound problems under Linux
– Change: HP9867A data transfer is now synchronous to avoid timing problems on some plattforms.
– New: CLEAR and KEY LOG functions in Console dialog.
– New: Infinite wait in single STEP mode.
– New: Assignment of PC-keys to emulator keys is now fully configurable.
– New: HP11267A Typewriter/Cass. Memory and HP11213A User Definable Functions ROM fpr HP9810A added.
– New: Sound output may now be switched on and off by Ctrl+S.
– New: Fan sound output may now be switched on and off by Ctrl+F.

Télécharger HP9800e 1.41 (8,9 Mo)

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