Créé par AamirM, cet émulateur intègre le filtre NTSC de Blarrg et utilise le système de plugins de Kega Fusion.

Cette version est plus lente que les précédentes car l’émulation est beaucoup plus précise.

Version 0.41:
* Forgot to uncomment a line of code which made MegaMan(possibly others) break.
* As a bonus I included the Sesame Street fix too :-).

Version :0.4
Massive changes were done regarding interrupt handling which may have resulted
in some games being broken from the previous version. Althought I couldn’t find any.
If you find one do tell me.

* All accuracy hindering things have been removed from this release.
Because of this, this version will be slower(read: very slow) than the previous one.
* Aggressive interrupt checking.
* Sprite collision and overflow flags now implemented.(needed by Shadow of the Beast, Strider 2)
* Changed Musashi’s interrupt handling. This fixes Lemmings status bar.
* SRAM support added. Many games needed this to work properly(Dragon Slayer, NHL 96 etc..)
No support to save it though.
* Dino Dini Soccer runs perfectly now. Even more accurate than Kega Fusion and Gens!
* DAC now works in Virtua Racing but is not correct.
* Fatal Rewind lockup fixed.
* Double Dragon 2 lockup fixed.
* 68000 Debugger enabled. This was the most requested feature!
It might be buggy though 🙂
* Stretch option added.
* Option added in NTSC filer to disable scanlines.
* Incorrect screenshots fixed.
* Command line support. Only supports loading of games right now.
* Clear history fixed
* Regen now remembers window position.
* Fixed sound pausing on window move while a game is running.
* Other minor tweaks and fix-ups.

Télécharger ReGen (SSE2) v0.972 (724,2 Ko)

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