Un émulateur d’MSX par l’auteur de SegaLI.

– mappers: AMD flash erase sector/chip command didn’t work properly
– changed default video format to PAL, per default C-BIOS region code
– gfx: fullscreen setting is now saved, so it’s possible to start meisei in
full screen

– gfx: fixed DDraw renderer border refresh bug
– input: corrected keyboard matrix quirk
– changed power-on timing, to prevent « A Life M36 Planet » from locking up
– added movie time code view option on play/record (hh:mm:ss;ff)
– vdp: you can now disable/enable sprite and tile layers
– vdp: added unlimited sprites option. This eliminates sprite flickering on
most games, without affecting core accuracy: collision and overflow bits
still work the same. Games that use overflow as a trick to hide sprite
lines, like Athletic Land when falling into the water, will show glitches.
– sound: added « triple buffering » to prevent overflows on longer frames
– timing: speed up setting is now in percentage instead of integer multiply
– timing: added slowdown feature, working similar to speed up (default: F10)
– gfx: auto save palette didn’t work
– input: added « invert » function for axes
– input: limited the speed of DInput reads, instead of always at every vblank.
It sometimes returned wrong values in fast forward mode.
– timing: added direct control over frame speed/reverse with an analogue axis,
by default mouse Y axis while holding F10 + F12. I call it DJ scratching,
since it kind of resembles that.
– added AMD flash memory emulation, and Matra’s INK mapper. One INK cartridge
died in the process (no, not inkjet), curses were heard as far away as
planet Gradius.
– fixed crash when opening an SCC game by drag-dropping, while that same SCC
game was already running

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