Créé par AamirM, cet émulateur intègre le filtre NTSC de Blarrg et utilise le système de plugins de Kega Fusion.

* DMA timings implemented. This fixes the follwing:
– Single line at bottom in Virtua Racing.
– DAC in Virtua Racing now runs correctly.
– Legends of Galahad bottom screen.
– Formula 1 and Kawasaki Challenge bottom screen.
– Insector X intro being too fast.
– Many others
* Autofix checksum option added. Note that fixing checksum might break some games.
* Improved YM2612 emulation again.
* Serial EEPROM emulation added. Huge thanks to Eke for his very good documentation on this.
* Added Hex code and PAR(Pro Action Replay) cheat code support to cheat engine. All codes working in Kega should work.
* Fixed the following bugs(taken directly from the Regen topic in ZSNES forums, thanks to King of Chaos):
– Clicking Disable Sound without game loaded can cause the emulator to crash.
– The setting for disabling sound (and other settings) isn’t saved sometimes.
– Editing the Disable Sound setting in the INI doesn’t disable the sound, trying to disable it crashes the emulator.
– Clear History sometimes doesn’t work, unless you click it several times.
– Clicking on an empty history slot will crash the emulator.
– ROMs bigger than the 4MB Genesis limit (e.g Super Street Fighter II) causes the emulator to crash.
– No selection for Gamepad under Use in the controller configuration.
– When you change games, you can’t load in a new cheat file for the new game.
– When you « power off » the emulator, you can still activate cheats, no « No game loaded » dialog.
– No checkboxes for the selected Sound Rate, so you don’t know which one you’re using.
– System > Country > Auto Detect does not have a check by it when selected.
* Some unlicensed game support. The following unlicensed games are supported right now
more will be added later, huge thanks to Haze(David Haywood):
– Lion King II
– Elf Wor
– Mahjong Lover
* Emulation of system lock-up on illegal address access. Now Sonic Crackers hangs just like in reality.

Télécharger ReGen (SSE2) v0.972 (724,2 Ko)

Télécharger Kega Fusion Filters Plugins (28/10/2017) (1,7 Mo)

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