Nouvelle version beta de cet excellent émulateur dont voici les nouveautés :

– crash when fullscreen enabled and error dialog was shown before display was changed to fullscreen
– CD32 state restore compatibility improved
– SSCAN2 ‘undocumented’ feature emulated. « If SSCAN2 bit in FMODE is set, then disable SH10 horizontal coincidence detect ». This really means both one AND zero SH10 match = single sprite can appear twice on screen! (Fantastic Dizzy CD32 background)
– AGA mode only: last line of sprite may have been redrawn if bitplane width was changed and sprite was reused later (introduced in 1.4.5)
– debugger sp command improvements
– AGA sprite outside bitplanes position bug fix (introduced in 1.4.5)
– Picasso96 8-bit mode wrong palette after mode switch
– Picasso96 8-bit and 16-bit optimized blitter bug fix, too much data was blitted if width was >32 bytes (not pixels) and it was not divisible by 32. 32-bit mode was working properly.
– emulated LPSTOP instruction (68060 only)
– MMU instructions didn’t check supervisor mode. Note that there is no MMU emulation, I think I have to repeat this every time I talk about MMU
– added 68040/68060 MMU instructions to table68k (no more generic « MMUOP » in debugger’s disassembler) 68030 MMU instructions are still shown as « MMUOP030 », they don’t really fit to table68k format because first instruction word does not specify the instruction type
– MOVEC weird disassembly updated (MOVEM is still weird)

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