Nouvelle version pour ce frontend destiné à Mame.

* Fixed: context menu doesn’t include the snap and rename items if viewed from right clicking either
the status bar, or the listview’s non item area.


* Fixed: picture files that match set names e.g. flyers, can no longer be renamed.
* Fixed: if « .png » is removed in the input box when renaming snaps, the file will still save with
the file extension.
* Fixed: renaming snaps now requires the filename to be 4 digits.
* Fixed crash when reading snaps from a folder with a space in the name.
* Fixed wrong naming of driver ini files when using notepad and not the interface.
* Added a toolbar icon for Paths/Directories.
* Added: Delete menu to the context menu.
* Fixed: Delete *.dif Files now works.
* Fixed crash when clicking « Delete » and then « Change » on « . » for INI Files (Paths/Directories).
* Changed: « . » is now hidden for INI Files, as it’s an essential path (Paths/Directories).
* Fixed: « . » can now be changed for Fonts (Paths/Directories).
* Added: « Record Sound/Video… » menu item, which records both sound and video. It’s quite laggy for
some games on my althon64 3000+.
* Changed Common dialog from XP to NT style.
* Added Vector Options to the Options menu and to the non contextual right click menu.
* Added a small help label to the options dialog for all the different ini types. This can be turned
off in preferences.

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