Un émulateur d’MSX par l’auteur de SegaLI.

– fixed movie timecode setting always saving as « no »
– added support for movie subtitles, it’s even possible to create things like: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VW4BR4Yy4m4
– mappers: traded meisei SRAM support for a nice picture of Audrey Tautou from AuroraMSX. Added ASCII 8 + SRAM, ASCII 16 + SRAM, Koei, Konami Game Master 2, Manuel Mega Flash ROM SCC, and Panasonic PAC mapper types.
– PSG: fixed noise period of 0 being able to go negative
– Z80: IRQ timing was 1 cycle off

Télécharger Meisei 1.3.2 (584,3 Ko)

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