RomCenter est une très bonne alternative à ClrMAMEPro, plus accessible il est par la même occasion plus utilisé.

Les changements:

Bugs fixed:
– Missing some sql functions
– Crash when double click on empty right view
– ‘loading database…’ displayed at startup when no database to load
– Default path on files/new not in romcenter/datas folder
– Different font in some items in preferences window
– database name not changed after a ‘database ubdate’
– Empty folder flagged ‘ok’
– Missing fix actions in ‘advanced’ sub menus
– ‘refresh all menu’ diabled
– ‘illegal access’ sometimes when removing a rom
– ‘Advanced/Remove files’ does not work
– in preferences, sample folder selector enabled even if merge is checked
– Some paths actions still enabled when no romspaths are loaded
– ‘maximize’ not full screen on restore (tried a fix, but not tested)
– Display not refreshed after deleting empty folders
– Hourglass missing when cleaning db
– ‘Del’ shortcut operate as shell delete when editing the searchbox
– Can’t close ‘about’, ‘statistics’ and ‘dat wizard’ forms with ‘Esc’
– 2 columns headers captions are wrong (bad name & uppercase)
– Db clones samples status not updated after removing a sample file
– Web page info does not work
– French translation fix

Features added:
– Clean udf and intl install folder
– Scroll bar and mouse wheel in log windows
– ‘Save log’ button
– Log roms count before and after fix
– Add ‘total items’ info in status bar
– Shell ‘move’ files
– Pop menus disabled depending of items in db (dummies, bios…)
– ‘Open data folder’ menu
– Cleaned temp files after ‘clean db’ and ‘update db’
– Replace ‘S’ with an icon in the 1st column of roms list header.
– ‘Open backup folder’ menu
– menu link to discussion forum
– menu link to donation page
– remember dat and emul path when creating/updating a db
– ‘Statistics’ added in menu

Télécharger RomCenter v3.7.1 (21,6 Mo)

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