Nouvelle version Beta public de l’excellent WinUAE.

– A3000 1.3 SuperKickstart fakeMMU bonus remapping fixed
– A3000 mode (=A3000 SCSI enabled) forces UAE boot rom to backup location (no more conflicts with 1.3 SuperKickstart bonus area)
– notification area icon is now created only once at startup
– added function to uae.resource that can be used to query function pointers using string labels (more portable and safe)
– 32->16bit Picasso96 color space conversion fixed
– all missing Picasso96 color space conversion routines added
– HAM6 with less than 6 planes emulated properly
– 0.5M chip + 0.5M slow + ECS Agnus chip ram aliasing implemented (DMA addresses 0x80000-0xfffff are aliased to 0xc00000-0xc7ffff) Previous chip mapping fixes were not 100% correct, there is no « bus noise » when slow ram is enabled. Fixes demo « Move Any Mountain » by « Lazy Bones »
– floppy drive sounds fixed in 4+ sound channel modes
– fixed rare bug in configuration list, missing directory entries possible if it only contained other directories (no files)
– implemented configuration cache that caches all data needed to populate Configuration-panel quickly without directory/file scanning. Currently always enabled (this way I surely get enough testing..) Cache is stored in file called « configuration.cache » in configuration root directory. Cache file is only re-created when configuration is saved, deleted or cache file is missing or corrupted. Enable/disable in future, first some testing

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