Nouvelles informations pour la prochaine version de cet émulateur de Model2 de Sega créé par Elsemi.

– The colours are almost perfect now. There are a few problems with the dark greens, blues & grays (the grass, tires and sky reflection are the most prominent examples of this), but they can certainly be fixed as they were fine when ElSemi originally tired this method to fix the colours in early versions of 0.5. It must have been something else that was changed between 0.5 and 0.8 that makes them so dark in the new screenshots. Unfortunately ElSemi forgot exactly what he changed! Luckily I can run the boards to look at the actual colours for reference. ElSemi’s ones run a bit too bright on his monitor, unfortunately. It’s probable that they will be perfect (at least in Daytona) in 0.9

– On a side note, I’ve sent 2 EEPROMs to ElSemi which should enable him to look at the DSP tables on VF2 and VCop2 (using the Daytona board) in order to hopefully get those games functioning. They should be with him in a day or two.

– The new meshed textures. And one more new feature for 0.9: Support for Neutral gear

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