DSP est un émulateur Sinclair Spectrum (et oui encore un) développé par Leniad Soft 2003. Il supporte les Spectrum 48K, Spectrum 128K et les jeux d’arcades Phoenix & partiellement BombJack. Il s’agit d’un projet Open Source développé en Delphi. Son auteur travail maintenant sur un driver NES pour son émulateur.

+BUG: Z80 – Fixed a stupid bug on HALT opcode
+BUG: Z80 – Fixed a bug that was indicating that it was an opcode when reading an instruction of the type DDCB and it is cosidered data
+NEW: MSM5205 – ADPCM sound
+ENHANCE: Simplified the graphical system, simplified, now supports any size of char, sprite, tile, etc, any quantity and more speed

+ENHANCE: Implemented correctly the ULA IRQ (32T), support for double or none interrupt

+BUG: At last works correctly! (was a bug on Z80)

Sega System 1/2
+ENHANCE: At last works: sprites, background, priorities, hardware collision, some types of ROM decodifications, etc.
•ENHANCE: Pitfall II – Now works, with sound (some little problems cleaning sprites)
•NEW: Teddy Boy Blues – New with sound
•NEW: Wonder Boy – New with sound
•NEW: Wonder Boy in Monster Land – New, with sound (problems with some sound effects)

Tehkan World Cup
+NEW: Driver with sound. Controls missing. Synchronization problems between the 3 Z80.

+NEW: Driver with sound.

Télécharger DSP (x86) v0.18 (31/12/2017) (2,5 Mo)

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