Voici quelques infos supplémentaires sur les améliorations des dernières versions que propose cet émulateur de GameCube:

Gekko version 0.2.5 Beta July 12, 2008
– Changes to graphics fifo to improve speed (Lightning)
– Fix hash generation bug in graphics shader handling (Lightning)
– Improve shader generation speed for vertex shaders (Lightning)
– Fix bug in rgb565 display (Shizzy)
– Improve speed in vertex generation (Lightning)
– Addition of 1680×1050 (16:10) display format (Shizzy)
– Allow escaping out of changing a key with the Escape key (Shizzy)

Gekko version 0.2/0.2.1 Beta July 5, 2008
– Add support for GX decoding per-command instead of per-frame. (Faster and
more compatable) (ShizZy)
– Add WPAR handling. (ShizZy)
– Add support for GX and CPU Fifo attaching and dettaching. (ShizZy)
– Add additional Command Processor emulation. (ShizZy)
– Add additional Processor Interface emulation. (ShizZy)
– Integrated GX and PAD into main core, eliminating plugin system. (ShizZy)
– Reimplemented support for demos that use just the external framebuffer. (ShizZy)
– Fix bug where PE_DRAW_DONE interrupt failed to get requested on certain
games. (ShizZy)
– Add support for Wii’s 64mb RAM2. (ShizZy)
– Fix crash that occurred when video was configured before games had been
loaded. (ShizZy)
– New Joypad Settings Configuration (ShizZy)
– Updated Video Settings Configuration (ShizZy)
– Fix ROM Browser to display full game titles. (ShizZy)
– Fix Fullscreen menu option. (ShizZy)
– Consolodate Joypad/Video/Core ini files. (ShizZy)
– Joypad support for channels 1-3. (ShizZy)
– Updated help dialog. (ShizZy)
– Speed enhancements in CRC generation (Lightning)
– Changes to begin memory card emulation (Lightning)
– Modify INI parsing to avoid issues with no spaces, blank lines, and case
sensitivity (Lightning)
– Fix case sensitivty for filename extensions (Lightning)
– Fix DOL loading bug (Lightning)
– Fix memory write check bug for recompiler to detect self modifying code (Lightning)
– Fix DSP initialization bug where register data was not cleared (Lightning)
– Rewrite the External Interface handling code (Lightning)
– Add missing SRAM and IPLROM handling code (Lightning)
– New code created for memory cards, not complete yet (Lightning)
– Bug fixes for buttons (Lightning)
– Add missing CRANDC, CRNAND, CRAND, CRORC (Lightning)
– Fix sub and subc disassembly (Lightning)
– Fix RFI branch handling during exceptions (Lightning)
– Fix CNTLZW, MCRF, SRAW opcodes for interpreter (Lightning)
opcodes for recompiler (Lightning)
– Optimizations for generated code to avoid unneeded MOV assembly lines (Lightning)
– Fix Carry bug in recompiler (Lightning)
– Add SRAW, SRAWI, SHL, SHR commands to recompiler (disabled due to bug) (Lightning)
– Fix 1 and 2 byte memory reading and writing in recompiler (Lightning)
– Modify memory writing code in recompiler to check if write is into a code
block (Lightning)
– Fix register handling bugs in the recompiler (Lightning)
– Fix MULLI and MULLW recompiler bugs (Lightning)

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