Raine est un émulateur Arcade. Conçu à l’origine pour émuler « Rainbow Islands », il supporte maintenant un paquet de jeux basés sur du hardware « Taito », « Jaleco » et bien d’autres encore.

– Fixed a bug with the joysticks where if you moved the stick too fast, some opposite directions could be rejected (left after right…).
– Fixed a segfault while trying to access the analog calibration dialog.
– Preliminary support for darwin (mac os x), but the linker seems to do some weird stuff and for now it crashes at startup even before reaching the main function !!!
– Thanks to Logiqx you can now load correctly the bootleg version of new zealand story.
– Added a few things to the console, required to have better cheats for ssrpg (neoraine)

Télécharger Raine (Win) v0.64.15 (2,2 Mo)

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