Un excellent émulateur qui tourne sous Windows. Sûrement le meilleur (il y a un comparatif sur le site officiel).

– Complete rewrite floppy disc emulation code, including more accurate timing, support for inter-sector data and weak sectors, support for Gap 3 and format sector size, and support for FDC scan commands.
– Added Fast Disc option since accurate emulation of the floppy controller and drive is quite slow.
– Added disc drive motor and stepping sounds.
– Reset disc drive motor and tape loading volume on emulator reset.

– Added options to enable or disable both Disc Drive Sounds and Tape Loading Sounds.
– Added Fast Disc Emulation option.
– Added a Linear Palette option. This can be turned off to provide brighter shades of half inks.

– Added True-Type CPC Symbols to the editor font.
– Fixed access violations caused by incorrect Page Down handling and fixed line number display.
– Fixed some incorrect macro substitutions.
– Added the ability to read a BASIC program from memory into an assembler tab.
– Added Cut, Copy and Paste options to the right-click menu in the assembler editor.
– Fixed some minor problems with editor line colours.

– Added True-Type CPC Symbols to the disassembler and memory editor.
– Added in-line display of symbols in the disassembler output (e.g. CALL cas_in_direct rather than CALL #BC77) if the symbol is defined in the assembler symbols.
– Fixed a bug in the Disassemble option causing a hang when the selection ends at #FFFF.
– Improvements to Interrupt highlighting.
– Added Hints to most device registers.

– Added support for Fast Disc emulation flag to ensure SNR files replicate the saved state.

Disc Editor
– Added True-Type CPC Symbols to the sector editor.
– Added support for variable length sector data and support for multiple sector copies (weak sector data).
– Fixed sector ID editing and allowed editing of sector size.
– Improved check for focus loss on sector editor to ensure data gets saved.
– Added display of Write Protect status for discs.

– Added True-Type CPC Symbols to the Auto-Type editor.
– Improved support in CPCDOS for files without AMSDOS headers.
– New release of CPCDOS.ROM containing functionality to close open files on reset and to RUN binary files.
– Fixed access violations occurring on some large files in CPCDOS.
– Changed the filename stored in the AMSDOS header by CPCDOS.
– Fixed case-sensitive file extension problem with the New Disc Image option.
– Removed AMSDOS patching.
– Fixed a bug with printer file output.
– Disabled the Format Disc menus for write-protected discs.
– Fixed Row Highlight check box initial setting at start up.
– Included the third byte from the AMSDOS header (i.e. Files > 64K) in AMSDOS file handling (e.g. Drag and Drop to explorer).

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