Emulateur Tandy modèle 100/102/200 écrit par Ken Pettit, Stephen Hurd, Jerome Vernet.

1. Fixed a bug with the Remem Overrides Rampac checkbox where it wouldn’t properly override the Rampac operations.

2. Fixed a bug when changing from Rampac Only to ReMem + Rampac memory mode where the Rampac RAM file was not being saved properly.

3. Fixed issue while loading .BA files from the « Load from HD » feature. During the relocation of the « unsaved BASIC program », .DO and .CO files could potentially be corrupted due to an error in memory pointer calculations.

4. Added features to both the « CPU Registers » and the socket interface debugger to allow stepping over function call (CALL, CZ, CNZ, etc.) and RST statements. Performing multiple « step over » operations currently does not properly break at any defined breakpoints.

5. Added a feature to both the « CPU Registers » and socket interface debuggers to enable / disable debugging if ISRs (Interrupt Service Routines). If the ISR debugging is disabled, the debugger will not stop / halt in the middle of an ISR, and performing single step or step over functions will not « step into » an ISR. The ISR will complete and the single step function will return control after the RET, RZ, etc. instruction has executed. Also added a shortcut key for single stepping (« s ») in the socket interface.

6. Fixed a bug with Tandy 200 serial port TX_EMPTY signal handling that caused high-speed transfers to overwrite data prior to being sent to the serial port.

7. Fixed an issue with printer initialization when opening the « Peripherals » window that could cause it to crash the program sometimes.

8. Fixed a race condition with socket port creation vs. socket interface initialization that would frequently cause the socket creation to fail under Windows.

9. Fixed error displaying COM port list from the COM Port Setup tab under the « Host Port » selection. The list was incorrectly displaying multiple COM ports as a single entry.

10. Added support for setting the time in the clock chip for all models. Also added a tab on the « Peripheral Setup » window for configuring the clock operation. Emulated « time » can now be different than the host’s system time.

11. Fixed the « Peripheral Setup » Ok button so it doesn’t improperly give an error message that the COM port could not be opened, or rather, re-opened.

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