Un émulateur de Sega Dreamcast et Naomi prometteur. Programmé par Wind (principal codeur), CaH4e3 (co-codeur), Ajax16384 (co-codeur).

Les modifications par step:

– added new GPU plugin – gpuOGlv3 (it´s recommended to install newest drivers to use this plugin, especially for ATi video cards).

What it can do:
– nice sorting (still not perfect);
– correct blending and shading;
– emulate fog;
– change video resolutions;
– make .png and .jpg screenshots;
– build mipmap textures;

What it can´t do (yet):
– render-to-texture (we are working on it);
– frame buffer rendering;
– texture filtering (Ikaruga);
– multisampling;

Fixed bugs in other plugins:
– polygon cache bugs;
– texture cache bugs;
– polygon transfer trough TA with intensity mode 1 and 2 (Trigger Heart Exelica);
– invisible polygon cut;
– removed unneeded GPU calls;

added bugs:
– who knows? 😉

– added new GDR plugin – gdrCHD. It supports MAME´s CHD images. Builtin GDI->CHD converter is still not perfect. It makes CHD images with unnecessary information but emulateable anyway. It´s recommended to use MAME´s chdman utility instead of it.
– CD-ROM reading speed is now syncronized with CPU and limited to 1Mb/sec (fixes Resident Evil – Code Veronica, thanks to drkIIRaziel);
– fixed old bug with invisible shots in Ikaruga´s second stage (thanks again drkIIRaziel);
– added current NAOMI romsets from MAME, removed old ones;
– fixed old bugs in dynarec and code invalidation, counters and some other things;
– fixed almost all memory leaks.

Télécharger Demul (x86) v0.5.8.2 (852,9 Ko)

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