Le développement de cet émulateur a débuté le 14/10/2004. Sa priorité est de servir d’outil de débugging et de posséder un code propre. Sa compatibilité est de l’ordre de ~80% et requiert une configuration assez musclée en comparaison avec ses concurrents (~10-20% moins rapide que Zsnes).

– added mouse support to DirectInput and SDL input drivers
– up to 96 buttons per controller; 8 buttons per mouse (5 per mouse on Linux) can be mapped now
– added SNES mouse support (does not support speed setting yet)
– added Super Scope support
– added Justifier support (supports both Justifiers)
– input management system almost completely rewritten to support new controllers
– « Load Special » menu removed, all cart loading merged to « Load Cartridge … » option
– replaced « Power Cycle » and « Unload Cartridge » with « Power » -> « On » / « Off »
– when video exceeds screen size and is scaled down, aspect ratio is now maintained [Ver Greeneyes]
– zlib modified to support non-ANSI characters
– cheat code count was limited to 1,024 codes before; it now supports unlimited codes per game
– added sort by description setting for cheat code list
– polished listbox control interaction (disable buttons when nothing selected, etc)
– cleaned up OBC-1 chip emulation (code is functionally identical to v036)
– added option to toggle fullscreen mode to settings menu
– added advanced mode options to toggle base unit (none, Satellaview) and system region (Auto-detect, NTSC, PAL)

*edit* : 0.037a

– fixed a Linux listbox bug that left action buttons disabled when there was only one item [tukuyomi]
– fixed a few strings that were not being translated by locale.cfg before [diminish]

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