Gens/GS est une version de Gens, émulateur Megadrive, améliorée par GerbilSoft (David korth).
Le but est de nettoyer le code source et d’ajouter de nouvelles fonctions prises sur les différents dérivés de Gens.

Les nouveautés depuis la version Milestone 5:

Milestone 5.1 introduces the following new features:
– RAR archives can now be used via an external RAR binary. You must have RAR installed in order to use this feature. (Windows users can install WinRAR, which includes the command-line rar.exe.)
– You can now drag a ROM file onto the Gens window to open it.
– [GTK+] Many of the bundled icons have been updated with KDE 4 Oxygen icons. See for more information.

Milestone 5.1 has the following miscellaneous changes:
– « PSG Improved » has been renamed to « PSG (Sine Wave) », which more accurately describes its functionality.

Milestone 5.1 fixes the following bugs:
– [Win32] The lag issue seen on some computers should be fixed.
– [Win32] Fixed joystick POV support.
– [32X] PWM audio no longer « clicks » when it isn’t in use.
– [Debugger] The VDP debugger now scrolls all the way to the last VRAM line, 0xFE00-0xFFFF. Previously, it would only scroll to line 0xFC00-0xFDFF. This bug was reported by djohe in #retro.
– [Regression from m5] Gens no longer creates blank SRAM files for games that don’t use SRAM. This bug was reported by Delta on the Sonic Retro forums.
– Fixed compilation with –disable-cdrom.

Milestone 5.1 has the following low-level code changes:
– The menu system has been rewritten such that both the Win32 and GTK+ versions now share the same menu data. Not only does this reduce the amount of duplicated code, it makes it easier to add menu items and it reduces the amount of code needed to build and synchronize the menus.
– The PWM audio emulator has been rewritten in C. This rewrite was based on pwm.c from Gens Rerecording.
– The build system has been updated so that it automatically detects MacOS X and Cygwin, and adjusts compilation settings for those two platforms as necessary. Thanks to Sonicblur on the Sonic Retro forums for the MacOS X compatibility fixes.
– The About window has been converted to a C++ class. Eventually, all of the windows will be converted to C++ classes.
– The configure script will now check what hash table implementations are available at compile time. Previously, Gens/GS only used the relatively new TR1 unordered_map, which is only available in gcc-4.x and later. Not only did this cause problems for gcc-3.x users, it caused problems for gcc-4.0 users, since unordered_map was broken in gcc-4.0. The configure script will now check to make sure unordered_map is working, and if it isn’t, it will fall back to either __gnu_cxx::hash_map or std::map. If it falls back to std::map, it will print a warning, since std::map is not a hash table and is thus considerably slower than both unordered_map and hash_map.
– The configure script will now check if the linker supports –as-needed. Previously, the configure script always added –as-needed to LDFLAGS, which caused a problem on systems that didn’t support it.

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