Il s’agit d’un émulateur de Sega Model2, il remplace l’ancien projet NebulaM2. Cette version est proposé en 2 fichiers: Normal et Multi-Thread (HT ou DC).

Les changements:

Lots of changes in this version:
– Fixed TGP emulation bugs and added missing opcodes. Virtua Fighter 2 and Virtua Cop 2 are now playable. There is still a bug with VF2 hair/body collisions, probably another TGP bug, but it’s quite hard to find…
– Fixed I960 bug that caused daytona invisible walls/holes in the road.
– Fixed timer bug that caused missing hair in Fighting vipers, tails in sonic and slow cars in Sega Rally (although they still don’t work properly).
– Added support for « return to neutral ». Enable it with HoldGears=1 option in emulator.ini. This setting will cause the emu to return to neutral when no gear button is pressed.
– Redone rasterizer color decoding and texture mapping. Now it works the same way the real hardware does, performing all the same table lookups and calculations, so color should be accurate now. The color decoding is now done at pixel shader level so you’ll need a PS 2.0 capable video card in order to run the emulator now.
– Fixed white borders in some transparent textures.
– Redone texture caching code. Improved dirty texture detection. Fixes wrong textures in some games when a new texture overlaps partially with an existing one.
– Changed ManxTT sound roms to the Twin ones. The previous romset was using the Deluxe ones that have 2 sound boards. Fixes the « japanese speech when braking » bug :).Set the machine to Twin.
– Added 2 mice support for shooting games. Enable it with RawInput=1 in emulator.ini. Read some
other options there to tell the emu how to map a mouse to a player. When using RawInput the mouse will be locked to the emulator window. In order to switch to another window, either press Alt to bring the menu and unlock the mouse or use Alt-Tab to switch to another application.
– Fixed Alt key not activating the window menu.
– Fixed MB86235 bug when handling denormalized numbers that caused top skater and overrev lock the emu sometimes.
– Fixed corrupt textures sometimes when loading a savestate
– Fixed frameskipping bug that caused some data not being updated in the TGP memory when frameskipping (daytona windows not updating windows after entering/leaving the tunnel)
– Added an option to hide the crosshair in shooting games (DrawCross=0 in emulator.ini)
– Fixed Daytona to the maxx rom loading that caused wrong and missing graphics.
– Improved FM emulation support to the SCSP for some HOTD tunes requiring it.
– Fixed various bugs in the new MultiPCM sound emulation, causing some wrong loops and sounds.
– Fixed meshed transparencies size. Now they will scale to the selected resolution.
– Fixed specular highlights calculation.
– Added Daytona USA ’93 edition and Daytona USA: GTX 2004.
– Added Rail Chase 2
– Added Virtua Cop 2
– Added Virtua Fighter 2, Rev A, Rev B and 2.1
– Added Sega Water Ski. The current sound rom dump seems to be bad so the game will run without sound. This game will start in Japan region mode. To change the region, enter Test menu (F2) and press the sequence up,up,down,down,service (f1),test (f2)
– Added Indianapolis 500 Rev A
– Changed romsets to match MAME as much as possible.

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