Une version Beta public de l’excellent WinUAE.

Les nouveautés:

– fix for graphics corruption introduced in 1.5.3 when bitplane DMA fetch happened while bitplane pointer was updated
– AGA 6 plane mode (non-EHB) was not always enabled properly (b3)
– added -clipboarddebug command line parameter that writes clipboard contents to file in winuae directory. (clipboard_p2a.xxx.dat and clipboard_a2p.xxx.dat)
– added ripper path to Paths panel, used by prowizard and sample ripper (previously sample ripper used screenshot directory and prowizard used winuae root directory)
– directory filesystem ACTION_CHANGE_MODE was completely broken in CHANGE_FH mode, returned error and « Error: couldn’t find key x / y! » was logged. Bug since the beginning
– clipboard: multiple CHRS chunk merging fixed (again), less stupid clipboard.device detection
– blitter line mode (only if linedraw code was « weird ») broke in b3
– file selection dialog (adf, hdf etc..) remembers previous filter mode (« *.adf », « all files » etc..)

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