La version debug de Regen, destiné aux développeurs et autres bidouilleurs.

– In 68k debugger, double click on a disassembly line to add it in as a PC breakpoint.
– 68k debugger will automatically trigger when 68k encounter any illegal read/write.
– VRAM breakpoints won’t work due some technical reasons.
– DMA length register (VDP Reg #20) will not display correctly.
– Channel dumping from YM2612 debugger won’t work.
– Layout of VDP debugger just sucks. Help/ideas are welcomed.

My thanks goes out to Yakovlev Victor, KanedaFr and blargg.

Additions, bugs, feature requests etc… are welcomed.

Télécharger Regen (Debug) v0.972 (874,4 Ko)

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