Un plugin gérant le lecteur de CD pour les émulateurs de Playstation.

– new FLTK
– redesigned config window
– ePSXe 1.7.0 compatibility:
* fix BIOS Load crash
* added CDRreadCDDA and CDRgetTE for Interal SPU 1.7.0 (plays CDDA through SPU)
– get rid off my slow and dirty Progress_Bar
– now using Flu_Progress_Meter
– CDDA using SDL (thanks to pcsx-df)
– GTK+ style
– Smaller cache size (max 256mb, more is useless)
– linux port discontiuned (in fact many features are ported from dfbinimage2)

Télécharger cdrVirus 1.7 (268,2 Ko)

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