Colinux c’est fort, en effet il s’agit du tout premier projet gratuit et open-source permettant de faire tourner Linux sur un système Microsoft Windows. Concrètement il s’agit d’un portage du noyau linux, permettant de se dispenser de logiciel tel que VMware.


– New: cofs rename allows to overwrite files with ReadOnly attrib.
– New: cofs supports flat file modes « rwx » for owner. Mount option
« noattrib » disables these attribute mapping for older compatibility.
– Use « setcobd=async » to enable asynchronous mode for cobd devices.
– Bug #2013435: cobd supports read-only files now.
– Bug #2152550: cofs atime and mtime was swapped on time set.
– Bug #2176188: File sync wrong on cofs, command after mv/rename fails.

– pcap-bridge: Fix suspend problems. Reconnect after loosing adapter.
– New network « ndis-bridge » works in kernel mode and is the faster
alternative to pcap-bridge. (Ligong Liu)
– Bug #1396539: Fixing the « eth0: duplicate address detected! ».
New filter rule for ndis-bridge and pcap-bridge is:
« (ether dst MAC) or (multicast and not ether src MAC) »
– Bug #2055697: Crashing SLiRP under heavy usage ktorrent. (Shai Vaingast)
– Bug #2357494,#2365031: ndis-bridge was not working with PPPoE, AoE
and others types as IP and ARP packets. Type filter removed now.

Console and daemons:
– New: Added « cocon=COLSxROWS » to use console size, other than 80×25.
– Bug #1117788: Fix sticky ALT after system menu from ALT-Space.
– Bug #2013501: Stop with error message on empty parameters.
– Bug #2593186: FLTK console command prompt display problems. (Shai Vaingast)
– Bugfix: Enclose spaces in current directory for install-service.

– scsi: New device for images with partition tables and works async.
Usage « scsi0=disk,file.img » or « scsi1=cdrom,file.iso » (Steve Shoecraft)
– Added virtual pci device handling. « lspci » is working (Steve Shoecraft)
– Add PG_co_host_mapped, save many OS switching times: speed up coLinux.
– New: /proc/colinux/stats show counts of OS switches.
– unionfs-2.2.4 added as module. (Marwan Al-Sabbagh)
– Add sysenter / sysexit restoration support, for cpu with SEP feature.
– Bug #2524658: GPF on raid5/6 md array by accessing MMX/XMM-registers.
– Feature req #2114493: Add iscsi kernel support (CONFIG_ISCSI_TCP).

– New images: Fedora 10, Ubuntu 7.10

– Enable host kernel debug via registry [HKLMSOFTWAREcoLinux] « Debug »

Updated libraries and tools:
– mingw 3.14
– w32api 3.11

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