Créé par AamirM (également auteur de Nugen), cet émulateur de Megadrive/SMS/GG/SG1000/SC3000 intègre le filtre NTSC de Blarrg et utilise le système de plugins de Kega Fusion. Il a pour but d’être le plus précis possible.

Regen tourne à une vitesse convenable sur des PC ayant pour base un CPU de type i686 (P3 ou AthlonXP) à 750MHz, 64MB de RAM et Windows XP avec DirectX 7. Il supporte à la fois les profondeurs d’écran 16 ou 32 bits.

Les améliorations:

– A little limitation of vcell scrolling emulated correctly. Thanks to
Steve Snake for detailed info on this. (F1 World Champioship, Kawasaki
Challenge use this)

– Changed the YM2413 emulator a little. Should sound more accurate.
(After Burner 2, Ys (J) etc..)

– Many new YM2612 improvements and upates. Thanks to the new research and testing
by Nemesis.

– Sprite masking bug in Mickey Mania fixed.

– Many improvements to renderer. Now passes all of the sprite masking and limitations

– Cheats fixed.

– Palette select bit emulated. Sik’s ROM fucks up correctly now 😛 .

– Completely overhauled Z80 handling and emulation. RAZE has been removed.
It has been tested quite heavily alongside the real thing by Tiido and
is very close to the real hardware now. But this has made emulator a bit
slow as well. My thanks goes to Tiido for testing this. 😉

– Fixed lightgun support which got broken in 0.95

– Option added to remove flickering while in interlacing mode.

– Fixed AVI recording.

– Improved stability and crashes (hopefully).

– Option added to force the output image aspect to be 4:3 (which the real hardware does).
In this mode, games with 256 pixels width will be scaled to 320.

– Ability to load SMS/GG ROMs from the command line.

Télécharger ReGen v0.972 (703,5 Ko)

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