Nouvelle version de ce très bon émulateur de Nintendo DS peut-être supérieur à No$GBA à présent (en attendant une nouvelle release de ce dernier …) dont voici les nouveautés:

+ New save autodetection and save file format
+ Full rerecording support

– bug: fix many 64 bit and endian issues
– bug: fix mic input, which was nearly useless before
– bug: fix failures of large dmas
– bug: fix in ipc sync which broke devkitpro touch
– bug: screenshots now exclude hud and rotation
– bug: rewritten vram mapping (fixes corrupted or missing BG)
– enh: cheats: added Action Replay code parser
– enh: more reliable and useful frameskipping
– enh: SPU: speedup: add adpcm caching
– enh: SPU: speedup: interpolation is now optional

– bug: add polygon y-sorting (fixes 3d guis)
– bug: fix texcoordgen mode 3; fixes some ortho sprites and some entirely broken games
– bug: display capture fixes
– bug: fix a number of OBJ modes
– bug: fixes to affine BG modes
– bug: more correct handling of color effect windows and backdrop colors
– bug: fix matrix stack overrun which crashed emulator
– enh: add alternate flush mode, fixes some entirely broken 3d games

– bug: more robust cheats engine and dialog
– enh: more solid avi and wav recording
– enh: improved tools: memory viewer
– enh: added tools: spu viewer, ram watch, ram search
– enh: change build configuration system
– enh: speedup: add gpu core disabling to hide useless screens

Gtk frontend:
– enh: switch all of menu/toolbar system to GtkAction + GtkUIManager
– enh: remove the gtglext 3d code
– enh: improve/speedup screen resize and final presentation logic in gtk frontend
– enh: minimal rerecording hookups

Cli frontend:
– enh: hooked the frameskip (szigor)
– enh: misc usability improvements: auto pause switch for pausing when focus is lost and exit on escape pressing (szigor)

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