vbSMS+ est une reprise du projet vbSMS (créé par John Casey), un émulateur SEGA Mark III/Master System/Game Gear créé par Olaf.

– added various fixes to the vdp, including horizontal sprite zooming [benryves]
– added 3d disabling for games that are supposed to use the segascope 3d glasses [olaf]
– added dx7vb.dll to the source’s zip for compiling on windows 7 [olaf]
– added the load rom shortcut key in full screen mode [olaf]
– added a compatibility hack for ‘[bios] alex kidd in miracle world (korea)’ [olaf]
– added slow motion throttles (50%, 25%, 12%, 6%, and 3%) [olaf]
– added rewinding (works with movie states and saves at an interval of 1 second) [olaf]
– added ‘reset and record’ option for movie states [olaf]
– added a play time pop up window to the end of movie playback [olaf]
– added resuming recording from a save state [olaf]
– removed a bug in handling of game gear rom filenames [olaf]
– removed the disabling of gg’s border [olaf]
– removed the gg’s start button in sms mode and removed sms’s pause button in gg mode [olaf]
– removed the sms’s second input in gg mode [olaf]
– removed a bug with rapid fire in gg mode [olaf]
– removed a bug that did not allow pc gamepad input during movie recording [olaf]
– removed the sms’s region code in gg mode [olaf]
– removed the bugs in the z80 core which now allow vbsms+ to pass the zexall test [brom]
– removed a bug when you tried to play a movie while already recording [olaf]
– removed a bug where movie states were using the save state slot number [olaf]
– removed avi recording (there was no sound and i never planned on working on it) [olaf]
– changed some sound code around and now it sounds better [brom]
– changed default window size to 2x and default full screen size to 640×480 [olaf]
– changed the region submenu around (now with proper pal/ntsc modes too) [olaf]
– changed the gg to its proper speed (always ntsc mode) [olaf]
– changed some other menus/submenus around [olaf]
– changed « fast forwarding » to ‘no throttle’ [olaf]
– changed sprite limiting to enabled by default for the sake of accuracy [olaf]
– changed ‘rapid fire unit’ to ‘rapid fire’ since there was no rfu for gg [olaf]
– changed movie states to overwrite if there’s already a movie state on the slot [olaf]

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