Un émulateur de Microbee Z80 Premium/Standard 64/128/256/512Kb FDD.

New for this release:
– Added models ‘scf’ and ‘pcf’ (Standard/Premium Compact Flash CB)
– Added more DRAM banks to bring up to 2MB when using xCF model.
– Added –ide-a0, –ide-a1, –ide-b0 and –ide-b1 IDE HDD emulation and drive options.
– Added hard disk image type ‘.hd1’ (80 cylinders, 4 heads, 63 sect/track)
– Added ‘+ide’ argument to –modio option.
– Added –rom256k override option for 3rd party models.
– Added –cfmode option to force start-up mode when emulation CF model.
– Added –cpu-delay option to determine the method used for delays when controlling emulation speed.
– Added time and date uBee512 environment variables.
– Added ‘make-cf-roms.sh’ script to Unix disributions.

– Removed the older CPU persist method for PIO polling as it became redundant after the last release.
– Removed the minimize button from the Menu dialogue.
– Improvements made to printer strobe timing.
– Improvements made to logging including PC reporting.
– Changed +paknet argument to +roms.
– Changes to ubee512rc.sample to use time and date stamping.
– A lot of code tidying up.

– Fixed an account creation problem where the directories failed to be created on Unix like platforms. This bug was introduced in v3.1.0.
– Fixed a couple of Endian issues for tape in/out for Big Endian HW (PPC). Tape wav files now save and load correctly.
– Fixed an Endian problem in function.c causing the uBee512 CP/M tools to fail on Big Endian HW (PPC)
– Fixed z80api_execute_complete() function as was not completing on all dd/fd/cb/ed prefixed opcodes. Used by the Z80 code debugging module.
– Fixed uBee512 environment variables name matching.
– Printer now emulates strobe signal only if a printer file is specified.
– DIP disk images required host Endian additions.
– The 256TC and BN60 boot ROMs now boot if a fast clock rate is specified.

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