Une version modifiée de l’émulateur de Playstation PCSX. Elle ajoute plusieurs options pour l’enregistrement de vidéos.

– Lua scripting.
– Fixed a possible cause of desync in GPU_writeDataMem; only seen when frameskip was enabled (for ex. with Fast Forward). As a side effect of this, Fast Forward is now ~25% slower.
– Screenshots are now taken correctly and they get saved as PNG.
– Added « -lua » command line option.
– Added « Maximum Speed », « Run Lua Script », « Stop Lua Script » and « Reload Lua Script » hotkeys. They will need to be remapped if you´ve used previous versions of PCSX-RR.
– Various minor improvements in the « -RR » code.
– My computer gets 10% slower due to the « pcsx.exe.manifest » file, so it doesn´t come within the release archive anymore. You may want to remove it from your PCSX-RR folder too if you have a slow system.

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