Une version Beta public de l’excellent WinUAE.

– unaligned word/long accesses emulated (68020 always fetches aligned longs, two accesses required if for example word is fetched from address 3)
– emulate 68020 instruction cache logic as documented in 68020 manual, cache hits are free, cache misses require normal, possibly slow chip ram fetch
– approximate emulation of 68020 prefetch buffer, more compatible with self-modifying code
– very approximate 68020 MUL/DIV cycle usage added
– 68030/040/060 also supported in « 020CE » mode. Not totally useless because this can mean more compatible HD installed games by switching between JIT and « CE » mode on the fly using uae-configuration. (switching between CPU types on the fly isn’t very good idea..)

Note that 68020 « CE » is still too fast (CPU internal calculations are not counted yet) but this is 100x better than previously because memory fetches are emulated, too fast CPU chip memory accesses and too fast blitter was the most common cause for problems.

– CD32 drive command communication and interrupt handling rewritten, should now match real hardware (I think..) At least Brian the Lion CD32 works again..
– NTSC mode shouldn’t jump anymore
– automatic vsync mode on the fly switching between 50Hz and 60Hz screen modes if refresh rate is supported, disable vsync temporarily if rate not supported (until switching back to supported rate)
– Superstardust AGA weapon panel breaks if 1 extra BPLCON0 delay cycle added. Obviously previous fix wasn’t right.. Lets try something else, add extra cycle if first bpl dma cycle is allocated (8 planes)

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