Un émulateur CPC écrit en Java.

– Debugger improvements (Breakpoints, Break Instructions)
– Tape polarity changeable (Needed for some strange tapes)
– New displaying method allows DoubleBuffered in actual JAVA-update
– A virtual floppy drive as anchor window, moveable with mouse and
zoomable (Double click with left/right mousebutton into the drive)
– Simple GIF-Recorder (Not perfect, but funny)
– New screenshot routine (Allows to catch also the filter/monitor mask)
– New greenscreen emulation
– Improved display filter (needs high performance PC’s)
– JavaCPC’s window position is stored now on exit
– Added Prodatron’s Digitracker tools as internal applications
(MOD converter and Player generator)
– CRTC improvements allow the demo « From Scratch » to be viewed fully
– Small bugfix in FDC emulation (allows to watch raster images
from ConvImgCPC without read error)

Télécharger JavaCPC v6.7 (2,6 Mo)

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