Il s’agit d’un émulateur de Sega Megadrive créé à l’origine par Charles Mac Donald puis porté (et amélioré) sur GC, Wii, Xbox360… et portant le nom de Genesis Plus GX. Il s’agit ici d’un back port de Genesis Plus GX pour Windows (via SDL) créé par EkeEke.

– modified SN76489 cut-off frequency
– added an option to boost SN76489 Noise Channel
– removed outdated Gens YM2612 core
– improved YM2612 core general accuracy (SSG-EG, CSM mode,…) (based upon Nemesis recent tests on real MD)
– improved YM2612 LFO emulation (fixes « Spider-Man & Venom : Separation Anxiety » intro music)
– fixed YM2612 context saving/loading.
– added 3-Band EQ for fully configurable sound filtering (credits to Neil C / Etanza Systems)
– removed libsamplerate support, implemented faster/better FIR resampler (thanks to Blargg and AamirM)
– improved VDP sprite masking emulation: fixes 3D level in Mickey Mania (thanks to Nemesis for his sprite test program)
– fixed 2-Cell vertical scrolling when column 0 is shifted.
– added support for 2-Cell vertical scrolling in Interlaced 2 mode.
– fixed lightgun autodetection: fixes cursor position in Lethal Enforcers II
– improved DIVU/DVIS (thanks to Jorge Cwik) & MULU/MULS 68000 instructions timing accuracy
– updated Z80 core to last version (fixes interrupt Mode 0 timing and some BIT instructions)
– fixed Backup Memory support in some games using serial EEPROM
– added Game Genie hardware emulation (Game Genie ROM is now fully supported, see README for more details)
– added Action Replay hardware emulation (Action replay ROM is now fully supported, see README for more details)
– various code cleanup & core optimizations
– YM2612 bugfixes (MAME core):
.fixed EG Decay->Substain transition when SL & DR are minimals: fix tracks #3 and #9 in « Mega Turrican »
.fixed a bug in SSG-EG emulation code: fix Level 1 music in « Alisia Dragoon »
.modified SSG-EG Decay End Level: fix some sound effects (ChainSaw, Zap…) in « Beavis & Butthead »
.improved Detune overflow accuracy: fix very high frequency sounds in many games
.fixed registers 0x20-0x26 Reset state: fix intro music in « B.O.B »
.reverted incorrect fix with KEY ON: fix « Flamethrower » sound effect in « Alien 3 » and many others
– adjusted HCounter values: fixes line flickering in « Sonic 3D » bonus stage
– adjusted VINT timing: fixes hang-up in « V.R Troopers »
– improved HBLANK flag accuracy: fixes line flickering in « Gouketsuji Ichizoku »
– fixed broken Z80 access to WRAM: fixes hang-up in « Mamono Hunter Youko »
– modified JCART emulation: fixes corrupted tracks logo in « Micro Machines 2 »
– added Blargg’s NTSC Filters support (NTSC video artifacts emulation)
– optimized VDP rendering core, rewrote 68k interface (memory handlers, cycle execution, interrupts): greatly improved emulation speed

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