Un émulateur de NES écrit en C#.

– APU fixed (new sound engine that increase the emulator speed to 150 fps generaly when you enable the Speed Throttling.) All sound channels rewritten and the Triangle, Noize and DMC channels work 100%. Still some small bugs with the Rectangle 1 and 2. Now some games work (like Karateka).
– Added wave recorder that records the sound with one audio format in this version (PCM 16-bit, 44100 Hz, MONO).
– Save / Load state fixed (100% works with any game and the ability to save in different 10 state slots).
– New video mode « SlimDX ARGB 32-Bit »
– Added debugger (BETA).

Télécharger My Nes (Stable) v7.3.6725 (4,2 Mo)

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