Ce build de MAME supporte des centaines de nouveaux « jeux » par rapport au dernier build officiel. Les nouveautés concernent surtout le support de différents hacks.

– The old change history is now complete all the way back to the first known version
– Removed [Exxx] from game names
– Work continues on adding the save supported flag to all games
– Fixed a bug in the GUI that prevented the selection of an alternate NeoGeo bios

Please note, this version requires « fmod.dll » to be in your misfitmame folder. This
DLL is closed-source, therefore it is not included with the distribution. To get the
extra « metal » sounds, you need to find the audio files on the net

Games Added
Metal Contra [metalmame]
Speed Metal Gyruss [metalmame]

Games Removed (working in MAME)

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