Créé par Soywiz, il s’agit d’un émulateur de PSP basé sur PSP Player et utilisant le langage D (présenté par ses auteurs comme le successeur du C) et qui n’émule que quelques démos pour l’instant. Il est pour le moment destiné aux développeurs puisque le programme est livré avec un débuggeur.

– Small fix. Fixes demos/lines.pbp
– Fixed a couple of Vfpu instructions.
– Now demos/cubevfpu.prx works. And demos/nehe/* start to work though seem to
have some issues.
WIP! Vfpu homebrew doesn’t work yet.
– Lots of changes improving Vfpu. Implemented several more opcodes. Rewritten
the load/store system. And implemented prefixes.
– Fixed a bug creating pspfs in the ELF folder when running the file with
– Added pspemu.utils.BindLibrary and used for OpenGL and XInput.
– Added clamp template function to utils.
– Added tests_ex.vfpu.prefixes.
– Added MTV test to tests_ex.vfpu.simple.

– Implemented basic Vfpu stuff!! Now cubevfpu, NeHe and some other demos are working.
– GPU speed and compatibility improvements. TRXKICK+Lighting+other fixes and improvements. For example cavestory runs 10fps faster.
– Sound enabled by default and could be enabled/disabled while running. Still sounds very bad.
– Lots of new NIDs implemented.
– Fixed arguments passed to the programs. Now PSPTrist and some other homebrews using arguments start working.
– Improved unittesting to avoid regressions.
– Added a menu option to associate psp files to the emulator.
– Clean ups. Small fixes. And much more…

Site de développement du projet.

Télécharger D PSP Emulator SVN r306 (3,5 Mo)

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