Une version Beta public de l’excellent WinUAE.

– rawinput was disabled if only one keyboard device was detected, input didn’t work at all in b3 because of null keyboard (detected only one rawinput keyboard = it was ignore but null keyboard was still added later -> more than one keyboard -> do not fallback to directinput..)
– redirect unknown rawinput messages to null keyboard (shouldn’t happen but you never know..)
– spaces not allowed in directory filesystem volume name (wrong validation routine used)
– bottom border was half-blanked in some doublescanned modes

Another major CD update. CD configuration unified, now any CD unit « slot » can point to different CD backend (image mounter + scsi emulation, IOCTL drive + scsi emulation, SPTI drive + scsi passthrough) On the fly changes fully supported. CD mess is nearly gone, code is finally structured logically without special cases. (this finally made SCSI emulation quite easy to implement)

– SCSI emulation is now the default SCSI mode (CDFS and audio tracks always work, switch to SPTI if you need advanced stuff like cd writing) Some audio CD players work for the first time now because some SCSI commands have been obsoleted long time ago like PLAY TRACK/INDEX
– CD audio DAE emulation does not attempt to play data tracks anymore
– added most common CD audio SCSI commands to SCSI emulator, OS3.5+ PlayCD confirmed working. Following new SCSI command added: START/STOP, STOP PLAY/SCAN, SCAN, PLAY AUDIO MSF, PLAY AUDIO, PLAY CD, PLAY TRACK/INDEX, PAUSE/RESUME, READ SUB-CHANNEL, READ TOC, MODE SENSE/MODE SELECT (cd audio volume page only), READ CD and READ CF MSF (only audio extraction supported + subchannel options)
– added CD audio io commands to uaescsi.device (most programs use HD_SCSICMD)
– emulated INQUIRY vendor, product and revision fetched from real device if possible

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