MAJ du pack de plugins pour Pcsx2 :

GSdx changes:

# Better DirectX 11 detection.
# Wrong colors in the movie record feature fixed.
# More CRCs for automatic post process removal.
# Stability fixes and preparation work for future PCSX2 revisions.
# Finally fixed the remaining DirectX 11 memory leaks on emulator suspends!

SPU2-X changes:

# More accurate emulation regarding double interrupts.
# Fixed minor volume issues and doubled output volume.
# Fixed a write-back issue that had caused memory corruption before.
Now the Tales of Destiny 2 sound test has a working visual equalizer.
# Mostly fixed voice modulation (used in Romancing Saga and FFX battles).
# Clamp illegal pitch settings, fixing another bunch of games Smile
# Hopefully fixed bad reverb area problems.

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