Il s’agit de FBA avec des options pour faciliter l’enregistrement de vos parties de jeux.

– Added « Graphics layers » menu.
– Added « Lua drawings in captures » option (enabled by default).
– Map hotkeys: setting « Select Slot 1 » to 0, « Load State 1 » to F1, or « Save State 1 » to Shift+F1 will cause the remaining to auto-fill.
– Loadstate errors now successfully restore a movie instead of corrupting it.
– Backup loadstate function.
– Bind savestates to movies, with a toggle option in the menu. (Note: it is highly recommended keep this feature on because FBA can corrupt movie files due to poor handling of savestates.)
– Movie name displayed in title bar.
– New lua functions: movie.playbeginning(), movie.setreadonly(), movie.getreadonly() and movie.length().
– Menu items for frame counter toggle and play movie from beginning.
– Play movie from beginning hotkey now works.
– Update frame counter on loadstate.
– Doesn’t crash when canceling open ROM dialog.
– Save/load state message include slot number.
– Crash fixes.
– Fullscreen (-f) commandline option.
– Menu is now a real menu (and thus alt key combos work again).
– 10 Saveslots now (instead of 9).
– Drag & Drop support for savestates, movie files, and lua scripts (both main window and lua console window).
– GUI cleanups.
– Windowed mode default when loading game from commandline (instead of fullscreen).
– RAM Search: fix reset to update previous values.
– RAM Search: fix counting number of changes.
– RAM Watch: Add Separator button.

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