Créé par Avery Lee (l’auteur de VirtualDub), il s’agit d’un émulateur d’Atari 8 bits (800/800XL/130XE).

[features added]
– Initial 5200 support.
– Simulator: Added 16K memory size support.
– Simulator: 576K and 1088K modes now allow ANTIC access to extended memory.
– Simulator: ROM image paths are now configurable.
– Cartridge: Added support for Corina 1MB + 8K EEPROM and 512K + 512K SRAM + 8K EEPROM cartridges.
– Cartridge: Added support for Telelink II NVSRAM.
– Cartridge: Added support for DB 32K, Williams 32K / 64K, Diamond 64K, SpartaDOS X 64K/128K, Phoenix 8K, Blizzard 16K, and Atrax 128K cartridges.
– Cartridge: Added support for 8K right slot cartridges.
– Cartridge: Added support for non-switchable 256K-1M XEGS cartridges.
– Cartridge: Mapper dialog attempts to detect Atari 2600 cartridge images (unsupported).
– Debugger: The history window no longer needs to be closed and reopened after toggling history mode.
– Debugger: Source windows now highlight lines that have symbol information associated and can be used for execution control.
– Debugger: Added on-screen watch byte/word commands (wb/ww/wc/wl).
– Debugger: History window now detects and collapses loops.
– Debugger: Added optional length parameter for dump and disassemble commands.
– Debugger: Added dump INTERNAL string command (di).
– Debugger: Added .iocb command.
– Debugger: Added ya/yc/yd/yr/yw commands for manually adding symbols.
– Debugger: Verifier now detects recursive NMIs.
– Debugger: Font and font size can now be changed.
– Debugger: Added 6502 miniassembler.
– Debugger: Added detailed command help.
– Debugger: Added .pathrecord command and documented existing path commands.
– Debugger: Added .basic and .basic_vars commands.
– Debugger: Console window now supports multiple history entries and page up/down from the command line.
– Debugger: Added symbol parsing support for ATasm and XASM assembler output.
– Disk: Added support for D9: through D15:.
– UI: Added DirectSound support.
– UI: Audio latency can now be adjusted.
– UI: Switched to larger font for on-screen UI.
– UI: Shift key now controls whether dropped files are mounted/added (shift) or booted (no shift).
– UI: Left-shift and right-shift keys can now be bound separately.
– UI: Warnings are now displayed before modified images are implicitly discarded.
– UI: Enabled themed controls.
– UI: Removed borders on docked panes.
– UI: Added first pass at pause button (F9).
– UI: Ctrl+Arrow keys now give the un-Ctrl’d keys on the emulated keyboard for programs that use pseudo arrow keys.
– UI: Mouse auto-capture is now an option.
– UI: Added option to resize main window to remove letterboxing on display.
– Input: Input map editor redesigned for easier controller configuration.
– Input: Input maps now support shifted subsets via flags.
– Input: Analog axes can now be bound as either relative or absolute, with tunable speed for relative mode.
– Input: Paddles now support rotation-based control.
– Input: Added light pen/gun support.
– Input: Added tablet support.
– VBXE: 5200 support added.
– IDE: Added option to switch between short and long BSY-to-DRQ delays to simulate platter and solid-state media.
– Serial: Added support for 850 R: and basic virtual-modem-over-TCP emulation.
– Cheats: Added simple cheat finder and value locker.
– Recording: Added options to tweak the frame rate and to record at half rate.

[bugs fixed]
– Disk: Added workaround for yet another goofy way to store boot sectors in a DD ATR image (3 x 128K followed by 384K of nulls).
– Disk: Fixed crash when opening .zip file containing files with no filename extension.
– Disk: Disk drives dialog now highlights disk images that have been modified and not saved.
– IDE: Fixed excessively long delay for BSY to assert after a command is issued.
– Input: Binding mouse up/down/left/right outputs to digital inputs now works.
– UI: Fix for crash when using Direct3D display on video cards that don’t support arbitrary non-pow2 textures.
– UI: Rewrote audio output path to use block duplication/removal rather than resampling to maintain sync.
– UI: Fixed emulated mouse button not working reliably.
– UI: Reduced border artifacts when using bicubic display stretching.
– UI: Fixed crosstalk between interlace and frame blending settings.
– PIA: Control bits 6 and 7 are no longer writable.
– POKEY: Fixed RANDOM offset in 17-bit noise generator mode.
– POKEY: Fixed IRQ timing for CPU-triggered IRQs.
– POKEY: Fixed serial output complete interrupt not always deactivating properly.
– POKEY: Clearing SKCTL bit 1 now disables the keyboard.
– POKEY: Adjusted timing of 15KHz and 64KHz timers after exiting initializing mode.
– GTIA: Phantom P/M graphics DMA is now implemented.
– GTIA: Fixed graphic output when changing the size in the middle of a player image.
– GTIA: Improved accuracy of graphic output when changing GTIA modes mid-screen.
– GTIA: Latched triggers are now implemented.
– HLE: Delete line ($9C) now resets cursor column.
– HLE: Implemented CRSINH function.
– HLE: IRQ handler now clears decimal flag.
– HLE: Fixed crash when jumping to cassette init routine.
– Debugger: Fixed MADS listing parsing for code lines after ORG statements.
– Debugger: .dumpdsm command works again.
– Debugger: History window now shows effective addresses.
– Debugger: Disassembly and history windows now allow disassembly columns to be toggled.
– Debugger: Stepping in source view now steps by source line instead of instruction.
– Debugger: Fixed uninitialized screen data sometimes appearing when stepping.
– Debugger: Register « r » command can now set A register.
– Debugger: Breakpoints now work on the run address of a loaded executable.
– Debugger: Fixed .writemem crashing if filename was invalid.
– CPU: Fixed IRQ timing around CLI and SEI instructions.
– CPU: Fixed a couple of bugs with decimal mode.
– CPU: Taken branches now delay IRQ/NMI acknowledgement by one cycle.
– CPU: Fixed false read behavior for: STA (zp),Y; STA abs,Y; STA abs,X; STX abs,Y.
– CPU: Implemented reserved NOPs in 65C02 mode.
– CPU: Fixes to undocumented opcodes: RLA ($23, $27, $2F, $33, $37, $3B, $3F); ASR ($4B); SAX ($83, $87, $8F, $97); SHX ($9E).
– ANTIC: Fixed occasional unexpected DLIs on cold reset, which was causing once-only emulation crashes.
– ANTIC: Corrected NMIST change timing.
– Cartridge: Fixed OSS 034M and M091 mappers.
– Recording: Fixed crashes in some cases when recording start process failed.
– VBXE: Attribute map RES bit is now implemented.
– VBXE: Fixed attribute map addressing getting scrambled on mid-screen changes.
– VBXE: Overlay scrolling and addressing is now reset at VBL and no longer affects bitmap modes.
– VBXE: Frame blending is now supported in VBXE mode.

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